Friday, January 4, 2013


Morning ladies. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday (Christmas or otherwise) and New Years. I loved hanging out with the family and getting a nice long break from school, I also love the polish I found under the tree! The only colors I've been able to dabble with thus far are from Cult Nails and The New Black. While I try to heavily guide my wonderful boyfriend in the selection he makes for my Christmas presents he always surprises me with what we like to call "wild card" gifts. This year mine was the Typography set which you can find at Sephora. More after the break.

These print nails maybe old hat to some of you guys but I've never got a chance to try it before and boy to I love it! The technique is super simple and the end results are stunning. Props to who ever was in charge of selecting the shade of nude that was used in this set because it it truly beautiful. Now this was the fist time I've worked with this brand before and while the end result is great actually painting with this polish is not so great. The polish is a tad thick and need a very steady hand to apply evenly. Top coat helps of course but I was worried. I happened to come across this post from Piece of Pie and immediately fell in love with what she had done and decided to give it a try with some old decals I had. I can't lie I wish I would have gone without the decals because I think it just takes away from the rustic old-timeyness of the print. Anyways, The New Black has a YouTube channel where they show you how to use their sets and tutorials on various nail art. Here's the typography video.  

Also a friend of mine was attending a wedding and asked if I could do her nails and these where some of the ideas I cam up with based a picture of the dress she sent me. For some reason the only picture I can find of these was the one I posted on Instagram, but at least it give you a side by side of the nails and the dress. I personally loved the way my ring finger cam out but she really like the second gradient.

Thumb- Love & Beauty Taupe and BM-323
Pointer and Middle- Love & Beauty Taupe, China Glaze Liquid Leather  BM-314 
Ring and Pinky- Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude and BM-314.  

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  1. I have yet to try newspaper nails myself, haha! Yours look wonderful! Loving the nails you did for your friend! The dress is absolutely stunning! My favs were the both the ring and middle fingers! ;P