Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Collection!

Happy Sunday people, hope your weekend has been as relaxing as mine. You may are may not have heard about the release of Cult Nails Anniversary Collection last week, and I was very excited to see that mine arrived in the mail yesterday. Now it's no secret that I love me some Cult Nails, so I didn't hesitate to snap up my own set of this collection as soon as it hit the net. 

First up is the ultra creamy Tempest. It's a self leveling high gloss white that applies that butter. I used two thin coats to get complete coverage. Keep in mind that while the formula is amazing, the color it self is very plain. It's geared for nail art and stamping so if the price tag is a little too steep for you, opting for a trustworthy drug store brand is the way to go. 

Next up is Blaze, which is a micro glitter made up of gold copper and silver suspended in a clear base. As a micro glitter, the coverage is even and relatively smooth. It does take quite a few coats to build up the opacity, which may lend toward a certain thickness if you don't keep your coats thin. I didn't have any problems with this particular application though so I can't complain. For today I wanted to swatch Blaze over another color in the collection, but after experimenting on a color wheel this beauty looks stunning on a variety of richer color. It's warmth really sets pinks reds and oranges on fire. 


 And, last but not least is Fetish the star of this collection. With an absolutely stunning wax finish this black is a game changer. Fetish has a fantastic formula and quick dry time, it also only requires one coat. I can already imagine the fun color combinations this finish will inspire. 

Sooo? What do you think? Another excellent collection from Cult Nails, or have polishes with interesting finishes run their coarse? 

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