Monday, January 7, 2013

PVA Base Coat

Happy Monday peeps. This time next week I'll be back in school and while that is a slightly saddening thought I'll endeavor to make this last week of break count! What could help me out with that more then polish right? Today I wanted to do two things, first use an untried glitter bomb and second test out a PVA base coat. If you haven't heard of a the awesomeness that is the PVA base coat well drum roll please....... it's craft glue. Remember that white Elmer's glue you use to rub on your hand and let dry so that you could peel it off and look at the wonder that is your palm? Yes, that stuff. Who knew it would once again find it way into your heart and back on your hand. Pretty Purple Polish has a very informative post on not only what it is but how to use it. She does use a different glue then I did but my results where exactly the same. The polish I experimented with is Anise Flashbulb from their winter collection, which can be purchased at DSW for $6. The entire Anise Nail Fashion line is free of Toulene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Not only that, they do absolutely NO animal testing. 

Flashbulb is a jelly based black with silver and holographic hexagonal shaped glitters. I'd head this polish described as thirsty from the amount of top coat need to smooth it out and boy was that accurate. I added two coats of Wicked Fast and decided to just let it be since I really wanted to experiment with the removal process. 

This is the only way I could begin to break down the shimmery goodness of the polish, forgive my lack of photographic prowess.  

You can kind of get a good impression from this picture above, with flash if you don't mind my blinds in the background.

And finally, since I was going to reverse happy hour with some friends I decided to add some square and circle studs from Born Pretty to make a little heart shape. Of course I like to pretend that this was purely for the sake of  curiosity. Could this nail base support nail art? 

Yes, yes it could. All in all I'd say PVA is a cheap and effective way to enjoy any glitter polish, and I will defiantly use it again.

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