Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Mani

 Finally it's Friday ladies! Any plans? I'll be going with a friend to Houston for the weekend and today I'll be showing you the mani I'm taking with me. I've seen similar styles of these guys quite a bit and always thought they looked really smart but never got around to trying it until now. I'm glad I did since they turned out so well. The color combo reminds me of the inside of casino or something but minus the cigarette smoke. These colors might also be a little more appropriate for the fall but her I am rocking them in the middle of summer.

Try to ignore that random piece of lint. 

I used my nameless gold from Alloy and Is this Love? by Anise. I'm thinking this gold which I love may get replaced with Essie's Good as Gold  if I stop by the store this weekend. From the swatches I've seen that gold is drop dead gorgeous, and has a foil finish instead of the more glittery finish my gold has. While I'm at it I might as well pick up No Place like Chrome it's too perfect to pass up!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Splatter Technique

Hi guys, hope everyone's having a good weekend. I myself have finally gotten around to trying the splatter technique so, my weekends pretty good. Have you guys tried this yet? If not, it's pretty easy and you can find several videos on YouTube showing just how it's done. Basically you paint your base color then of course let it dry. Next you'll take your accent colors and a few straws. Place a few drops on a cleanable surface and dip the straw. Finally you want to hold the straw an inch or so away from the nail and give the straw a good blow. And...that's about it. Here's my results.

The colors I used are Anise Pencil Skirt as the base, Anise Is this Love? and Anise Wildcat as the accent colors. This technique is a lot of fun and I like this color combo, it's subtle but quite shiny in the right light.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Days!

Good news people my prize from Anise came in today and some UPS guy (or gal) is very lucky I wasn't home because he would have gotten harassed at my apartment door. The box the polish came in was kind of big since when I finally got around to opening it I was greeted with a lot of paper stuffing and two much smaller boxes jam packed with TWELVE colors!! 

Okay enough with the packaging, let's get on to the good stuff! These colors are from Anise's Fall line and boy are they something. As you'll notice this line is pretty purple heavy but they play up the drama with pops of rich colors like red blue and bronze. The application of every single one of these colors was perfect. Most of the colors didn't even need more then one coat for a smooth opaque finish.

From left to right:  Wee Hours , Money to Burn,  Is this Love?

Touch of Seduction, Some Kind of Kiss, Mysterious Affair

Wildcat, Snakeskin Deep, I Spy

Smokeshow, Smouldering Eyes,  Pencil Skirt 
So what do you think? I'm thinking my top three would have to be Wildcat, Wee Hours, and Money to Burn in no particular order. All in all I really like this collection, and I think it has a little something for everyone. The only down side to these bottles would have to be the huge sticker on the side that has the polish name and bar-code! Nothing frustrates me more then a polish with out a name, and I can just tell those damn stickers can't wait to peel off! Whelp over and out ladies I'm off to do something wonderful with these bad boys.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

French Flair

I've been meaning to get some good use out of my striping tape and after coming across this card I had all the inspiration I needed. I purchased my striping tape from Ebay for a ridiculously low price and free shipping so if you have yet to invest please do it's so versatile.  

For tonight's nails I used my trusty Liquid Leather by China Glaze a Love & Beauty polish simply named White and L.A. Colors Black nail stripier.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is the result of wanting to paint my nails, but still really liking my old manicure. While browsing through Pintrest a while back I came across this and knew I just had to try it. So this is the result. I used OPI's Thanks a Windmillion, Wet n Wild's Night Prowl and some good ol' painters tape. 

Do I love it? No. Will I keep it for the rest of the day? Probably. Until next time peeps, hopefully I'll have better luck.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Purple Swirl

So aside from a lovely manicure I've got some fun news. Not only did I finally finish with yet another summer class, I found out I was one of the lucky winner of Anise's Pinterest competition! I was trying to think of the last time I've ever won anything and not one thing came to mind so there you go, I guess I was long over due.  The prize is  Anise's entire collection for the year as they are released. So far this year they have released their summer collection which you can check out here, and they will soon be releasing their fall collection which can be found here. You guys can pick up these guys at your local DSW. Alright, alright, alright let us get down to business. 

I love this really sheer pink by OPI called Bubble Bath even though it needed way too many coats in my opinion. It is a sheer polish though so I guess I should have known better. I topped the pink off with Konad Purple and a thin coat of China Glaze's Fairy Dust. Now I'm off to bed people. Good Night. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Vote People!

Hola everyone, just a quick post today before I get back to studying. I've be fortunate enough to make it into the finalist round of Anise's Alluring Summer Contest on Pinterest. As the final round of the competition begins, it is up to the contestants to round up as many voters as possible to vote for their favorite board. I encourage everyone to take a look since I personally fell in love with more then just me own lol. You can find Anise's Facebook page here. If you would like to vote you must first like Anise's page then proceed to like the board of boards of your choosing. The lucky winners will receive Anise polish for a year! Good luck to the ladies running and trust me when I say I've got my painted fingers crossed!