Sunday, July 22, 2012

Splatter Technique

Hi guys, hope everyone's having a good weekend. I myself have finally gotten around to trying the splatter technique so, my weekends pretty good. Have you guys tried this yet? If not, it's pretty easy and you can find several videos on YouTube showing just how it's done. Basically you paint your base color then of course let it dry. Next you'll take your accent colors and a few straws. Place a few drops on a cleanable surface and dip the straw. Finally you want to hold the straw an inch or so away from the nail and give the straw a good blow. And...that's about it. Here's my results.

The colors I used are Anise Pencil Skirt as the base, Anise Is this Love? and Anise Wildcat as the accent colors. This technique is a lot of fun and I like this color combo, it's subtle but quite shiny in the right light.  

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