Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Days!

Good news people my prize from Anise came in today and some UPS guy (or gal) is very lucky I wasn't home because he would have gotten harassed at my apartment door. The box the polish came in was kind of big since when I finally got around to opening it I was greeted with a lot of paper stuffing and two much smaller boxes jam packed with TWELVE colors!! 

Okay enough with the packaging, let's get on to the good stuff! These colors are from Anise's Fall line and boy are they something. As you'll notice this line is pretty purple heavy but they play up the drama with pops of rich colors like red blue and bronze. The application of every single one of these colors was perfect. Most of the colors didn't even need more then one coat for a smooth opaque finish.

From left to right:  Wee Hours , Money to Burn,  Is this Love?

Touch of Seduction, Some Kind of Kiss, Mysterious Affair

Wildcat, Snakeskin Deep, I Spy

Smokeshow, Smouldering Eyes,  Pencil Skirt 
So what do you think? I'm thinking my top three would have to be Wildcat, Wee Hours, and Money to Burn in no particular order. All in all I really like this collection, and I think it has a little something for everyone. The only down side to these bottles would have to be the huge sticker on the side that has the polish name and bar-code! Nothing frustrates me more then a polish with out a name, and I can just tell those damn stickers can't wait to peel off! Whelp over and out ladies I'm off to do something wonderful with these bad boys.

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