Sunday, November 25, 2012

Polish Rack Attack!

HI GUYS! So I defiantly fell off the face of the Earth for a long while and I feel terrible about that. With school, work, extracurricular activities,and of course buying and moving into our new house my own boyfriend jokes he forgets my name. On the bright side this serious hiatus has aloud me to do several things one of which is build my very own NAIL POLISH RACK!!! I guess it is more of a shelf but rack rhymed with attack and shelf rhymes with... nothing? Anyways I like many of you have discovered that polish rack/shelves are freaken expensive. Not only are they expensive they are small, at least by my standards. So being the poor yet savy college student (with a mortgage payment) I am, I hit the web looking for some DIY shelves that would do the trick. I came across this post from Dulce Candy Fashion&Beauty blog. The video breaks down what you will need and exactly what to do with it.  Here's my finished project.

Since I added fabric to my backing, I was not able to use Gorilla Glue to fortify the individual shelves. Instead I  drilled tiny nails on both sides into the shelves for support. 

The fabric I used was purchased from Joan's and glued in place with a hot glue gun. I also purchased my paint from Lowe's after realizing that I'm not so good with a spray can. My shelf is a bit larger then the one shown in Dulce's video but that's the beauty of making your own shelf you can make it as big or small as you'd like. So what do you think, is this something you would try to do?