Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stoneworks and My Left Hand

School's back in session and it is COLD down here in Texas! I should be getting started on all my chapter one readings, so I'll make this quick. I felt like making a more subtle textured look and ending up using some more muted tones that complement the season like browns white and grey. Using a make-up sponge I dabbed on brown and white then went over both colors in the nude I used for my base to soften it up. I also did some light branch and leave stamping in gray just to build it up.

I like the end result so much I left it for a whole day before and went back in and added some more stamping. I revisited a previous look and  added scalloped tips to all but my accent finger. Then using a dotting tool I added a border. Of course my top coat smeared it a bit but other then that I'm pleased with the result.

I also decided to switch up the base colors a bit on my right hand and come up with this combo. I don't show my right hand much but I promise it exists : )


Now back to work. Until next time ladies. 
Base: Cult Nails Cruisn' Nude, ULTA Snow White
Left Hand Sponging: Essie Mink Muffs, NYC Sidewalkers, ULTA Snow White 
BM-314, BM-15

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