Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Liebster Award

Something pretty sweet happened to me before I went on my super long brake that included me doing things like :getting my a** kicked with a 19 hour school semester, moving/decorating my beautiful new home and getting the cutest dog in the WORLD [in my opinion of course]. I got nominated for the Liebster Award which is a fun way for new bloggers to share some info about themselves. Thanks to the Katy at Platypus Nails for the shout out and sorry this is so ridiculously late. 

1. If you were put under a curse and turned into a nail polish, what kind of polish do you think you would be? Some really shimmery matte polish I think. I like to think I'm a little edgy and what can be edgier then a really beautiful matte mani?

2. What's the strangest thing that's ever happened to you? Well a few friends and I went camping for the weekend a few years back and while taking a hike with my boyfriend we heard some really crazy noises and a lot of thrashing around. Of course we had to investigate and it turned out to me a huge cow stuck in a ditch! We ran back told our friend what we found and sent someone for the park rangers. Like two hours nine people and a crane later we had successfully rescued Milley who turned out to be one of the Happy California Milk cows that you may have seen in a few commercials. Apparently she had escaped from her ranch that was a couple miles away from our camp site. I know I have pictures of all of us somewhere I promise if I find them I will post!

3. What's on your Christmas list this year? Ha nail polish of course I'm pretty hooked on anything Cult Nails right now so I've asked for a few colors I've been eyeing and a glass nail file.  Ooo I also want Sims 3 Seasons. Yea I'm pretty obsessed with that game, but I blame my boyfriend for always buying them for me. :) 

4. Which books have you read recently, and were they any good? I just finished World War Z and it was AMAZING! If you are even a tad interested in seeing this movie you MUST read the book. I am also revisiting The Hobbit (which is probably my all time favorite book) since I can barely wait til that movie comes out next week!!  

5. What's your preferred method of creating nail art (stamping, tape, dotting tools, etc)?  Tape is the way to go for me. Yes it can be time consuming but if you can just get it lay down in that exact spot BOOM magic. 

6. What was your worst subject at school? BLAH math! I can't even talk about it with out terrible memories washing over me lol but that's all in the past now and boy am I glad to leave it there!

7. If you were given an all-expenses paid holiday to your dream destination, where would you go? New Zealand, I'd really like to go zorbing down their grassy slopes. (Zorbing is when they push you down a hill in a giant plastic ball that has water in it, sound fun huh?!)

8. Do you play any musical instruments? Yes I play the drums all though I refuse to be the house on the block that has the annoying garage band so I've more or less retired my sticks.

9. What color do you have most of in your nail polish collection? Blue surprisingly, my favorite color is purple so you'd think I would say that but somehow it's definitely blue. 

10. Who you do look up to/admire? My mom even though she drives me crazy she is the strongest smartest craziest lady I know and every day I become just a little more like her lol.

11. What's your number one pet peeve? Nail biting. Seriously people need to cut that out! 


  1. Aww thanks for answering all my silly questions! The story about the cow is awesome, nothing that cool has ever happened to me :P

    I'm rereading the Hobbit at the moment too - so excited for the film! And you've totally inspired me to read World War Z - just looked it up and I'm a sucker for anything post-apocalyptic :D

    1. DO IT! I promise you will not be able to put it down. Then tell me what you thought even if you hated it, which of course I hope you wont:)