Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is this Love?

Quick post tonight guys so I'll just get right to the goods. I'm a little upset with China Glaze Sunset Sail which I used as my base because the day after doing this manicure I noticed some really terrible tip wear which you'll notice below. I love the soft sherbety (< not a word) color and it's a nice contrast to the accent colors I used but that much wear after one day is no bueano. Here's a look a fell in love with from Dressed Up Nails that I watered down a bit.

The colors used are;
Thumb- American Apparel Lopez Canyon
Pointer- Love & Beauty Mint
Middle- OPI Jade is the New Black
Ring- Anise Is this Love?
Pinky- NYC Sidewalkers 

Oh and I accidently uploaded a picture of my dog so I left it, mostly because I love her :)

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  1. and i love your nails here! will defenetly go on my "to try and copy it" list, and your pet is so sweet! gonna subscribe, waiting for you in my community ;)