Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hi everyone! I took a slightly different approach for this post and went with a very popular YouTube polish pusher you may know as Cutepolish. She is the faceless voice that guides her more than 500,000 subscribers through some really spectacular nail art. The video that I chose to capture today can be found here.   

These guys are really fun to paint and look at so I'd recommend giving them a try. The colors I used  were Essie Size Matters, Last Chance by Sinful Colors, Sage by Love & Beauty, and Blush by Love & Beauty. Love & Beauty, if you're wondering, is the line of polishes sold at Forever 21, they're about $2-$3 and come in some really great colors. The down side to this brand is like everything at Forever 21, the quality is a bit questionable so make sure you give your bottles a good shake before committing just in case.

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