Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stamping Baby

BUNDLE MONSTER has arrived baby!  So you guys may have notice that Bundle Monster has finally released their new summer plates and they are awesome. The guys behind these designs really did their homework. These plates are not only beautiful, but they are crisp and detailed. Every time I looked at a new plate I was like "wow" and "oooo." Also the plates are a really good size,  no longer do you have to have tiny sized baby nails to get full coverage. So I'm from Texas and right now we're dealing with over 100 degree weather so I wanted my design to be as hot as the weather. What do you think? 

I used China Glaze Make Some Noise which is a very hot pink even though the pictures make it look more orange. The black is Konad stamping polish which I must admit is getting a tad low so if you have any ideas on a black I could replace it with I would greatly appreciate some input. Finally I used BM-323 for the rose print, so there you go ladies have fun!

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