Monday, September 3, 2012

31 Day Challenge- Day 3: Yellow

The thing about this challenge that I will even come to love or hate is that when you have not choice but to crank out a manicure you may have to do something you wouldn't normally wear. Enter in these yellow daisy nails. Don't get me wrong I like flowers just as much as the next girl but until today I've yet to wear them on my nails. That being said, I happen to think these guys are dang cute. 

The colors I used are Revlon Electric for the flower petals, OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know? for the flower Centers, and Love and Beauty Blue/Mulit for the base. So far I've only used untried polishes for this challenge, so I'll let you know if that continues are not. 

Next is green so stay tuned: 

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