Sunday, September 2, 2012

31 Day Challenge- Day 2: Orange

For day number two I used OPI Are We There Yet which is a really gorges orange with a shimmery base. This is yet another color I had not got around to trying which is crazy because I really love it. 

Even though the orange is a really lovely shade I was bored so I just kind of kept building it up. First with Art Deco's black striping brush. Here I just kind of add random lines and dots to spice up a couple nails. Then once that dried I used Milani's Art of Silver striping brush and traced over the black. 

Finally I added a final accent line here and there with Art Deco's White striping brush. I happen to think the white was over kill but I barely wore these guys for a day so I let it slide, this time :)  

See you tomorrow folks: 

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  1. beautifull color and love the accent you put on with the stripes!
    following u x